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Our mission is to inform, connect and engage the public to strengthen the civic health of our region. It’s our vision that, along with natural wonder, innovative business and vibrant culture, the Puget Sound region is defined by informed people engaged with their leaders in effective democracy.

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Civic Cocktail

Civic Cocktail is a monthly event featuring lively discussions with community leaders, policymakers and journalists about important issues impacting the Puget Sound region.

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Civic Boot Camp

Civic Boot Camp is a unique, full-day experience where participants connect with local leaders, network across sectors and gain a deep understanding of the rich history, economic opportunities, community partnerships and policy decisions shaping communities in the Puget Sound region.

WA State Debate Coalition

We know that a healthy democracy and a strong community depend on active, informed and interested citizens. This is why we have established the Washington State Debate Coalition. The Coalition hosts free, nonpartisan, publicly accessible political debates for some of our most important statewide offices.

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Civic Health Index

The 2017 Greater Seattle Civic Health Index is now available! In collaboration with the National Conference on Citizenship (NCoC), the 2017 report ranks 51 American cities across 26 categories measuring civic engagement and the health of their democracies.

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