This is Our Community

Seattle CityClub is a nonpartisan, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization improving the civic health of the Puget Sound region by informing and engaging residents and community leaders, and providing programs that bridge politics, professions, cultures and socioeconomic backgrounds.

What We Stand For

Passionate Non-Partisanship

Opportunities to evaluate diverse perspectives on issues vital to our region

Leader Access and Accountability

Active exchange among citizens, leaders, experts and policymakers to facilitate citizen influence and leader accountability

Diverse People and Ideas

Civic dialogue that reflects the community’s diversity of political ideology, race, professional and cultural background, generation and class

Respectful Civic Discourse

Open, respectful space that cultivates fair, authentic and lively debate

Convening, Collaboration, Connection

Bridges that connect people and ideas to address critical regional issues

Engaged Citizens

Advocacy and monitoring of citizen engagement

Our Board Members

  • Suzanne Walsh (President), Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Justo Gonzalez (Past President), Stokes Lawrence LLP
  • Karin Huelsbeck (Past President), Virginia Mason Foundation
  • Josh Drake (Vice President), Camber Collective
  • Lisa Verhovek (Vice President), Uncommon, Inc.
  • Nathan Hambley (Secretary), Uber
  • Steve Hill (Teasurer)
  • Betsy Robertson, American Red Cross NW Region
  • Brian Surratt, City of Seattle
  • Chance Hunt, The Seattle Public Library
  • Chris Mefford, Community Attributes
  • Dan Brady, Attorney at Law
  • Janet Kelly, Puget Sound Energy
  • Joaquin Hernandez, B.E. Meyers & Company
  • Kathryn Neal, Microsoft
  • Kay Gabriel, Weyerhaeuser (retired)
  • Larry Costich, Schwabe Williamson & Wyatt
  • Lisa Thompson, King 5 Television
  • Maria McDaniel
  • Mendy Droke, King County
  • Mike Mattmiller, City of Seattle
  • Monique Cohen, King County Prosecuting Attorney’s
  • Nora Tabler, Tabler Coaching
  • Patrick Lamb, Lamb Hanson Lamb Appraisal Association
  • Sarah Studer, Impact Hub Seattle
  • Scott Forslund, Providence
  • Tony Wisen, Davis Wright Tremaine

Our Staff