Selected Immigrant/Refugee-related Organizations in our Region:


Civic Engagement Opportunities 

Our region’s civic health depends on each one of us to get involved in civic life. Here are some ways you can support immigrants and refugees: 



  • Donate money directly to a local nonprofit that works with immigrants. 
  • Learn about other philanthropic opportunities (Women’s Funding Alliance, Social Ventures Partners, Social Justice Fund, Seattle Foundation) 
  • Join the Immigration Justice Giving Project (Multiple sessions over five months starting September 8th). (Check out 
  • Create a donation drive with friends, family or colleagues to collect essential items for newly-arrived families. (Check out, for a list of essential items). 

Employment and/or financial support: 

  • Shop and/or dine at immigrant-run stores and restaurants.  
  • Hire immigrants to work at your business or home (Casa Latina, World Relief, IRC) 


  • World Relief, United Way’s Day of Caring, Seattle Works Day, 
  • Citizenship Clinics in Seattle (Seattle’s Office of Immigrant and Refugee Affairs) 
  • Pro-bono immigration law and/or interpretation (NWIRP)
  • Community garden work (Interim CDA, IRC) 
  • Mentor a refugee professional (Jewish Family Services) 
  • Tutor youth in a youth program (Refugee Women’s Alliance) 
  • Host an individual or family in your home (Air BnB, Church Council of Greater Seattle) 


  • Create or join a OneAmerica Community Group to support immigration reform.  
  • Participate in marches and rallies to support immigrants. 
  • Contact your elected officials to advocate for immigration policies 


  • Follow the latest news and legislation (NWIRP, IRC, We Are One America, and social media) 


  • Connect to an immigrant/refugee organization on Facebook or Twitter
  • Engage your social media network by posting/sharing about immigrant/refugee issues
  • Attend an ethnic festival (Seattle Center’s Festal cultural events, or World Refugee Day