Selected Organizations on Women’s Homelessness and History in our Region:

Links related to the speakers: 

Historical Articles:  

 Selected organizations related to our topics: 

  • Washington Low Income Housing Alliance – Advocacy for affordable housing 
  • Wellspring Family Services – Wellspring Family Services provides support for families in a crisis. 
  • Women’s History – An online museum that you can access at home. 


Civic Engagement Opportunities 

Civic Engagement Opportunities 

Our region’s civic health depends on each of us getting involved in civic life. Here are some ways you can get engaged: 


  • Donate money directly to a local nonprofit that works with women to provide housing and support. 
  • Donate your time to women-led organizations in the region.  
  • Create a donation drive with friends, family or colleagues to collect essential items for teens and women in your area.  

Employ and/or financially support: 

  • Shop and/or dine at women-owned establishments. 
  • Hire and pay women to defeat the gender pay gap. (Overall, women earned about $0.82 for every dollar that men earned; Hispanic or Latina women earned about $0.58 and Black women earned about $0.63 for every dollar that White men earned). 


  • Advocate for equitable gender rights to close the pay gap. 
  • Attend women led –marches/rallies and listen to their stories. 
  • Help the women in your life by being an engaged parent, partner, friend, roommate.  


  • Follow the latest news and legislation on gender discrimination. 
  • Attend courses and open lectures at the local universities on women’s history and gender equity or equality. 
  • Read or listen to books from the public library written by female authors. 


  • Connect to an organization like YWCA or Mary’s Place on Facebook or Twitter. 
  • Reach out to local book groups, or set up a book club with friends. 
  • Engage your social media network by posting/sharing about women’s rights, women’s history, and homeless issues that impact women.  

Volunteer with Select Organizations: 

  • Women’s History – An online museum that focuses on the historical impacts that Women have made in America.  
  • King County 211 Crisis Connections – Comprehensive information on health and human services in King County 
  • Queer the Land – Housing for LGBTQ+ community members  
  • REACH – Direct services to people experiencing homelessness  
  • Real Change News – Provides jobs and news in service to homelessness advocacy  
  • Recovery Café – Helps people recover from the traumas of homelessness, addiction and mental health challenges