Democracy will not stop

Seattle CityClub Executive Director Whitney Keyes

Coronavirus has taken a toll on Seattle’s residents, its vibrant events, our cultural organizations, and countless small and medium-sized businesses. As a nonprofit whose mission is primarily expressed through public events, CityClub has not been spared.

But we have been flexible.

As Washingtonians commit to staying home and staying healthy, we’ve moved our most visible programs, Civic Cocktail and Civic Boot Camp, online. We’re exploring what more we can do with virtual programming, and we’re resolved to keep innovating to ensure civic engagement is available and accessible.

We have to. It’s in our blood.

This is not the first time CityClub has had to fight through adverse external factors to champion civic engagement. Forty years ago, political discourse and access to public officials happened behind the closed doors of elite, exclusionary clubs. Forty years ago, eight women decided to be innovative and create a space that would allow everyone to be civically active.

That’s how CityClub was started, and that’s how CityClub will continue.

And you can help.

We honestly, fervently, and deeply believe that broad civic engagement in Seattle and beyond is critical to a functioning democracy. Our commitment to the ideals of an informed, engaged, and connected electorate has not wavered in the face of COVID-19.

This work is crucial. The need is real.

The importance of CityClub’s work providing connection to leaders, opportunities for personal engagement, and access to civic education is never more magnified than at the end of a quadrennial election cycle. The 2020 contests will see votes for President, Representatives, Governor, eight other statewide offices, and a host of local elected offices. This year will shape our future.

Democracy will not stop for a pandemic. CityClub won’t stop either.

Support CityClub today.