Seattle CityClub is proud to host a Civic Boot Camp series Women in Action: Leadership Towards an Equitable Pandemic Economy. Join our panels of trailblazing regional women leaders as they reveal the disproportionate impacts of the pandemic and investigate new, emerging challenges to an equitable path forward. This series will offer an in-depth look at a variety of industries, from education to the economy, and participants can expect to walk away – virtually – feeling ready to become an active participant in our post-pandemic community. Civic Boot Camp will feature exclusive interviews and participants will be provided with a complementary Resource Guide consisting of curated readings, articles, and volunteer opportunities from CityClub staff.

In this second webinar on September 17th, women business and non-profit leaders will discuss how the pandemic has impacted our local economy and what the future holds as we begin the recovery process.

Key questions include:

  • How has the economic downturn due to the pandemic impacted women in business?
  • What challenges do women face in the efforts to recover from the pandemic? How are those challenges compounded by gender inequity, wage disparities, and gender biases?
  • What role do women leaders play in our regional economic development? How can we, as a community, promote equitable economic development, especially for women?
  • Acknowledging that we continue to be in the midst of a pandemic, what have we learned from this experience that will help us be better prepared for future economic downturns?


  • Andrea Caupain, CEO, Byrd Barr Place
  • Tana Senn, State Representative (41st District), Washington State House of Representative
  • Janice Greene, President and CEO, Women’s Business Enterprise Council Pacific


  • Louise Chernin, Past President and CEO, Greater Seattle Business Association