What’s ahead for Republicans, Democrats, and Independents when it comes to civics in our country and communities? How can we work together when parties are often divided themselves? This February Civic Cocktail is the first of an intended multi-part, multi-party series.

Join CityClub as they explore a few—certainly not all—of the varying viewpoints within the Republican Party with a discussion between the Lincoln Project co-founder Rick Wilson and local Republican leader Bill Bryant, moderated by journalist Joni Balter. With the national election over, they explore some of the next steps for the Republican Party. After the departure of a one-term president who commanded a deeply loyal following among a large number, as well as challenged a number of others, the party is left without a clear, national standard bearer. Will the Republicans maintain a cohesive theme to unite the disparate perspectives within their ranks nationally? What is the local impact and future of the Party here in Washington? Join CityClub for this conversation to get some insight.

As a 40-year-old nonpartisan, civics-focused nonprofit, Seattle CityClub provides a platform for insightful and educational conversations that include a diverse range of opinions. But sometimes we need to dive deeper into a particular topic, so we can listen and engage in a more thoughtful manner with our community.

Rick Wilson is a Republican political strategist, negative ad-maker, writer, speaker, and political commentator. He is a founding member of the Never Trump movement, and a co-founder of the Lincoln Project. Wilson is the author of Everything Trump Touches Dies and Running Against the Devil. His work has been seen in The Daily Beast, The Washington Post, Politico, Rolling Stone, and more, as well as on CNN, MSNBC, and NPR.

Bill Bryant is the founder and chairman of Bryant Christie Inc. Under President Reagan, he was appointed as a trade policy coordinator at the Department of Commerce International Trade Commission. He organized the presidential campaign for Vice President Bush in Washington, and was co-chair for the Dole for President finance committee in Washington. In 2005, he served as the Washington State GOP finance chair, and in 2007 he was elected to King County Port Commission—the only Republican elected King County-wide—and re-elected in 2011.