4 Ways to Support Your Favorite Nonprofit Without Breaking the Bank

By Everett Lawson, Marketing + Web Manager

Over 70% of all nonprofit donations come from individuals like you and according to the 2017 Civic Health Index, Greater Seattle ranks 1st when comes to charitable giving more than $25, but finding the money to support your favorite nonprofit can be challenging. If you’re like most people, philanthropy falls to the wayside as groceries, insurance, and everyday bills take priority. So how can you support nonprofits without breaking the bank?

1. Sign Petitions

Your signature is social currency as nonprofits work to gain visibility for their causes. It might not have an immediate effect, but don’t underestimate the impact —with enough names behind a petition, a nonprofit can get a proposed measure on an upcoming ballot and/or get the media attention they need to continue the programs you support. The unique part about signing petitions is your signature doesn’t have to always mean you fully support a cause, but you feel it is worthy of a larger discussion.

2. Share Content

Social media has turned advertising upside down. Word-of-mouth recommendations are now the most influential form of advertising. One like, one mention and one share from you can introduce your favorite nonprofit to hundreds of potential new donors and supporters free of charge—for you and the organization. So, if you think of yourself as an influencer among your friend group, or a thought-leader on Twitter, follow your favorite nonprofit and be the first to share their news and updates with a personal spin on why they have your support.

3. Tell a Friend

Your favorite nonprofit is like all other nonprofits, more people participating at their events and programs equals more awareness, more fundraising opportunities and more support—so make sure your social circle knows about them. Invite a friend, family member or colleague, and introduce them to a cause you’re passionate about. Like social media, your personal endorsement may be the push they need to make your favorite nonprofit, their favorite nonprofit.

Did you know? Greater Seattle ranks 5th in hearing from friends and family (Civic Health Index).

4. Micro Donate

Instead of ordering an appetizer or that extra beer at dinner, click your favorite nonprofit’s website and donate $5—it may not seem like a lot, but if you do this twice a month, you’ll have donated $120 by the end of the year.

A Friendly Reminder

The philanthropic deeds of billionaires and noteworthy foundations in the world are impactful and inspiring, but remember, the majority of nonprofits are fueled by people like you.