Informing Voters About the WA Debate Coalition

In partnership with Amplifier, a design lab dedicated to creating art to spur community engagement, we commissioned an art campaign evolving a long-standing piece of American culture—the Uncle Sam recruitment poster—for the Washington State Debate Coalition. Our goal is to encourage Washingtonians to know who their candidates are and to vote.

The Story

In 1917 J. M. Flagg designed the iconic Uncle Sam poster used to recruit soldiers for both World War I and World War II. It ardently told Americans, “I want you for U.S. Army.” Today, we are “recruiting” Washingtonians to participate in the most fundamental element of our democracy—voting—and instead of meeting them with an authoritative personification of our government, we are meeting them with a friendly face of a fellow Washingtonian.

The Artist and Photographer

Raychelle Durazo is a queer femme Filipina-American visual artist from the Pacific Northwest. Her work focuses on themes of love, heartbreak, loss, memory, identity, and place. Raychelle has been commissioned by numerous groups for original work, including REI, MomsRising, and The California Endowment. Find out more about the artist

Each painting was created from a photo of the model taken by Michael Maine, a Seattle-based artist focused on bringing out and sharing authentic stories. Find out more about the photographer

Help Inspire Others

Download, print, and share your favorite poster with the hashtag #waelex and inform others about the WA State Debate Coalition and inspire them to participate 2018 Election.

Opportunities to Share

  • Giveaway artwork to friends, family members, and colleagues.
  • Share the artwork with your social media network by posting the download link.
  • For Campuses: Mount the artwork in campus hallways and common areas.
  • For Businesses: Mount the artwork in your storefront or office.