Meet our Lt. Governor: Cyrus Habib

In 2016, Washington elected its 16th Lieutenant Governor: then 35-year-old Cyrus Habib. Previously elected to both the State House and Senate in 2012 and 2014 respectively, Lt. Governor Habib is a seasoned politician whose priorities are economic development, trade, and higher education, and an emphasis on accessibility for people who are disabled.

In both the House and the Senate, he championed fully funding our public schools, reducing college tuition, investing in a transportation system that addresses the tremendous need for transit, basic protections for working families, acting urgently to address climate change, and a more open and accountable state government.

The son of Iranian immigrants, Cyrus grew up and attended public school in the Seattle area. His father was a Boeing engineer and his mother is a lawyer who would go on to become a Superior Court Judge. Lt. Governor Habib is the first and thus far only Iranian-American to hold a statewide office.

Edit: In our March 27 newsletter, we incorrectly stated Lt. Gov. Habib’s father was a lawyer due to a misread of an article on our part. We deeply apologize for any confusion or offense this may have caused and we vow to be more diligent in our fact-checking efforts in the future.