Strickland & McKenna Post-Election Sound Off: Local Rep. & Dem. leaders bridge differences tonight at Seattle CityClub’s Civic Cocktail

Who: Marilyn Strickland, newly elected Washington congresswoman, joins Rob McKenna, former Washington attorney general, as first guests on Seattle CityClub’s Civic Cocktail program.

When: Tonight – Wednesday, November 4, from 6 to 7pm.

What: Strickland and McKenna will kick off this two-part program by discussing the election results from last night. Will there be a clear mandate? Where do the parties go from here? How might they work together after this long election season?

In the second segment, Pastor Don Mackenzie and Imam Jamal Rahman from the Interfaith Amigos will discuss how they come from different faiths but work together in friendship and goodwill and share how our community can overcome divisiveness and polarization.

Where: Virtual event – More information and ticket details here:

Cost: Free for youth under 22; $5 to $15 for individuals and households

About: Seattle CityClub is a 40-year-old nonpartisan nonprofit providing programs that inform, connect and engage people around civic issues to help strengthen our region.