Video: Civic Boot Camp – COVID-19 & Climate Justice

“The workers that are being most heavily impacted now by COVID are also those that stand to be really heavily impacted by climate. So often it’s those that are already the most economically vulnerable that are being the hardest hit.” – Jessica Koski, Washington State Policy Coordinator for the BlueGreen Alliance

Seattle CityClub convened a panel of experts on May 29 to go in-depth on on what climate justice means, what COVID-19’s impact on it has been, and how we can apply what we’ve learned from the pandemic to efforts going forward:

Watch the video above for the full, in-depth discussion, moderated by CityClub’s Jeff Carter, for the May 29, 2020, Civic Boot Camp. You can also check out pre-event materials, including an interview with Earth Day founder Denis Hayes, here.



  • Denis Hayes, President and CEO, Bullitt Foundation  |
  • Susan Balbas, Executive Director, Na’ah Illahee Fund  |
  • Ben Farrow with Puget Sound Energy  |