WTIA and Seattle CityClub Collaborate on FullConTech

by Julie Pham

We’re making some big changes to our approach to FullConTech this year. Instead of an annual, 350-person, all-day conference, FullConTech will be split into two semi-annual, half-day, 200-person conferences. Each will have a different theme inspired by action-oriented, cross-sector collaboration. We hear a lot of criticism from those outside the industry that tech isn’t doing enough to better the community, and many techies have vocalized that they are ready to step up to the plate. Because of this, we decided the theme of our spring conference would be “civic collaboration.”

We live in a city that puts a high value on collaboration. At WTIA’s CEO Forum last year, tech leaders voted on “collaboration” as the word that best represents Seattle tech culture. Sometimes, however, “collaboration” can feel more aspirational than real because the good work that so many organizations are doing sometimes gets duplicated rather than extended and leveraged.

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With a small staff, WTIA can’t afford to duplicate work. That’s why once we discovered Seattle CityClub was going to organize a very similar-themed conference to launch their Civic Health Index research the same week as FullConTech, we decided to collaborate and integrate their research into FullConTech. Seattle CityClub is a non-partisan, nonprofit education organization dedicated to informing citizens and building community leadership in the greater Seattle region.

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