Supporting the Immigrant Community: Actions and Barriers

The following list of personal actions and barriers (to support the immigrant community) were compiled from over 50 participants at our recent Civic Boot Camps focused on immigration on August 18th and 25th. 


  • Support grassroots leaders and organizations with my time and resources.
  • Share successful immigrant/refugee stories in the community.
  • Become and stay informed about immigration issues.
  • Organize with other individuals to support immigrants at policy forums/meetings.
  • Help normalize immigration/refugee issues in conversations within organizations and with others.
  • Empower youth to be involved (voting, canvassing, phone banking, have fun).
  • Financially supporting refugee-led community organizations.
  • Discuss the positive impact immigrants have on the economy.


  • Limited time to dedicate to supporting organizations and initiatives.
  • Overwhelmed by the complexity of immigration issues and policies.
  • The limits of my organization’s mission and mandate.
  • Knowing where to meet and connect with immigrants in the community.
  • Being conscious of the cultural differences and social norms in the immigrant community.
  • Stigmatization of immigrants/refugees in the community.
  • Apathy
  • Living in a part of the city that does not have a significant refugee community.